Friday, March 25, 2005

Sunny in Sacramento

Once again, I'm in Sacramento on a 3-day trip (SMF, BOI). Thankfully, the weather is much nicer than last week. The sun is out & it's fairly warm with a light breeze. I'm typing this from my balcony, which is right next to a big palm tree. Sacramento is not my favorite city in California - my time in LA biased me against the San Joaquin Valley - but it's nice that we get down here to enjoy some California weather every once in a while.

A good friend told me last night that she thinks I've become much more negative and cynical lately. I really didn't see it, but she pointed out that I tend to complain about my job in this blog rather than talk about the cool things I do and see, and what I like about my job. I guess that's because I wanted this blog to provide a balanced look at the airline piloting profession. Too many people get into this industry with an unrealistic expectation of what it will be like, & the training schools sure aren't telling their students about the downsides of this job. So, in trying to restore some balance, perhaps I've swung the other way & given readers the idea that airline pilots are a bunch of complaining jerks.

On the whole, I do love this job, and I'm very grateful to be where I am at only 23 years old. I get to see some gorgeous country & work with some great people & fly a state-of-the-art airplane. Good job, a wife I love, buying a house of our own...throw in a couple of kids and it's the flippin' American Dream. So I'll try to reflect this overall happiness in future posts, even if it's accompanied by a few complaints over certain aspects of my job.