About This Blog

I first started writing this blog in 2005 under the name "Blogging at FL250." The name was a reference to the Bombardier Q400 turboprop I was flying at the time, which had a maximum certified altitude of 25,000 feet ("Flight Level Two Five Zero"). At the time blogs were in their infancy (as was all social media), so I didn't expect to gain an audience. It was just an excuse to write, and a way of staying in contact with family back in Minnesota. But lo and behold, readers found their way here and responded to my posts with comments and emails, which provided encouragement to keep writing. Eventually I got better, and even wrote some posts I was really proud of.

Robert Goyer, Editor-in-Chief of Flying magazine, happened upon the blog in late 2012. He evidently liked what he read, because he asked me if I'd be interested in writing an article for Flying. Mind you, I've been a subscriber and avid reader since I was 13, so this was a dream come true! Readers responded heartily to my first article, which led to a second, and then to a monthly column starting in November 2013, "Taking Wing."

I was recently hired at a major airline, and with the career change decided that the blog was due for a revamp as well. I changed the format and the name, adopting that of my Flying column. I kept the fl250.blogspot.com web address, though, and all my previous archives. You can expect similar content to the old blog: stories from my past and current airline and GA flying, aviation industry analysis, and advice for prospective professional pilots. I also often throw in posts about my other interests, especially overseas travel. I enjoy reader comments, questions, and suggestions via email or post comments.