Best Of...

Over nine years of blogging (and counting), of course there are a few posts that I think stand out above the others. While I welcome you to peruse the archives and read the good along with the bad and the ugly, you may find the following list (in chronological order) worthwhile reading.

June 2005: Good Captain, Bad Captain
July 2005: Life & Death on AMF132
Oct 2005-Jan 2006: Flying Careers series
March 2006: The Starving First Officer's Guide to Dining
March 2006: The Poor Pilot's Guide to Cheap Living
November 2006: My Hot Saturday Night Date 
Jan 2007-Mar 2007: Landing the Job, Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, & VII.
December 2008: About that Pilot Shortage...
Feb 2009: A Few Words About Colgan 3407
May 2009: Canary in the Coal Mine
May 2009: Thirty Seconds of Silence
May 2009: Thirty Seconds of Confusion
May 2009: Thirty Minutes of Distraction
May 2009: Thirty Years of Outsourcing Safety
September 2009: Aviation Survivorman
March 2010: End of the Regionals?
May 2010: Merger Mania!
May 2011: A Short History of Flight
March 2012: Cross Country
February 2014: On the List