Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Lazy day...

Dawn and I looked at a house last night. It was nice, but had a small yard and was in a very cramped neighborhood that seemed to be primarily rentals. Thanks, but no thanks. The house searching continues tonight...

Today is my day off, as was yesterday. I didn't get a call from Ameriflight, so yesterday I drove around looking at houses in Battleground, and today I'm doing...nothing. I considered going skiing but the snow kinda sucked when I was on Mt. Hood last week and they haven't had much new snow since. So right now I'm listening to The Beatles' Revolver, and some Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon after that. I'm on a bit of a classic rock kick lately.

Tomorrow I start AM home reserve. The only crappy thing about that is that you can get called at 4:30am. It's a crappy feeling to wake to the ringing cellphone, knowing you're getting called out.

My airline's service between LAX and Reno starts this week. If I get sent on a Reno overnight, I am so hitching a ride up to Tahoe to do some skiing. They seem to be getting all our snow this winter.