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Love the blog? Hate something I wrote? Have a suggestion? I'm always looking for feedback! Feel free to comment on any post. I even accept anonymous comments, though it means I have to delete the occasional spammer. I try to respond to each comment though I sometimes get a bit behind. I just ask that you keep it respectful, and not include any information on my employer or references to their identity.

Or if you'd like, you can drop me an email. I'm pretty good about responding to emails, especially those from prospective pilots looking for career advice. Growing up, I didn't know any airline pilots and didn't have anyone to turn to for advice, so I try to help out new pilots. I can't guarantee I'll give good advice, but it'll at least be another perspective for you to consider!

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Brad said...

Was the Taylorcraft parked at PDX? I saw one parked near east of the old Flightcraft building last month and wondered.

Winging It said...

Hey, Sam, I came across your blog in my Feedly recommendations. Like the title. I've done quite a bit of work on the pilot shortage and though we should connect. What's your twitter handle? I'm on or @kcreedy. I would especially love your feedback on the series I did for Forbes online on the issue. Cheers -- Kathryn