Monday, March 14, 2005

Photoblogging from Lakeview

Once again, I'm in Lakeview OR, on a run with Ameriflight. This morning I flew PDX-LMT-LKV; tonight I'll fly LKV-LMT-RBG-PDX. I don't fly until after 5PM, so I'm free until then.

Not that there's a lot to do in Lakeview. Contrary to the name, there is no lake nearby or even within view. The lake in question is Goose Lake, about 20 miles away. Lakeview's other claims to fame are being an All-American Town finalist in 1989, and being home to Old Perpetual Geyser. It doesn't sound quite as impressive as Old Faithful, and it's not.

Welcome to Lakeview! We don't much like gun control around here!

Crater Lake from 10 miles south at 9500.'

My Chieftain, parked on the ramp in Lakeview. This bird has over 22,000 hours on it.

Yeah. Not a lot happening here at the Lake County Airport.

Cruising Main St. in the pimp Dodge Colt!

Wow, this guy gets around a lot.

My lovely digs at the Best Western - Skyline Motor Lodge. Actually, I have the room around back that looks like it needed remodeled in 1980.