Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sunny California? Hah!

This year, we've seen storm after storm slide by to our south and hammer California rather than the Pacific Northwest. While I've certainty enjoyed the nice weather, we've had almost no snow on the ski slopes while Tahoe has had a great year. So yesterday I had a trip that ended in Sacramento, followed by a Palm Springs turn and another Sacramento layover today. It's been simply nasty weather here: rain, wind, clouds, & even some imbedded thunderstorms. Today's flight to Palm Springs wasn't much fun.

Palm Springs was also cloudy - quite rare for there - although there wasn't any rain when we landed. While we were on the descent, we listened to Palm Springs Approach chastizing a Gulfstream business jet who had wandered off his assigned routing while in the clouds. You don't want to do that in Palm Springs, for obvious reason that the following picture well illistrates:

I got my four day trip extended to a fifth day, so I'll be in Billings tomorrow. Grr.