Sunday, May 28, 2006

John Moves On

John of Freight Dog Tales has left his box-hauling 'Van flying job and returned to freelance flight instructing, which can be a pretty good paying job for an experienced instructor like John (particularly given his expertise in the G1000, something not very many flight instructors outside of big schools have.) We'll miss his insights into the world of freight dogging, but John hasn't quit blogging; he's just moved to a new blog, Aviation Mentor. I think John's new blog will be an excellent way to explore the world of professional flight instruction (as opposed to timebuilding). It's an aviation career that too many up-and-coming pilots immediately dismiss.

As I told John: Once a freight dog, always a freight dog. Many of the captains I fly with were box haulers in their former lives, and when we get to telling flying stories, we don't tell airline stories - we tell Freight Dog Tales.


Windsor said...

Well if your looking for someone still doing a blog on part 135 cargo flying, I just started a blog detailing my adventures. Its over at

Sucks John is leaving 135, I liked reading his blogs on the subject.

Go Soiux alum Mike Commadore, its nice seeing ex-UND'ers on TV.