Sunday, May 14, 2006

Going Once, Going Twice...

Hey, anybody want my four day trip (trip 714) starting on 23 May? It has a 655 showtime with layovers in Butte, Kalispell, and Helena, with a nice early release time of 1149 on the 26th. I've been trying to drop it but crew scheduling is being pretty persistent in denying the trip drop due to insufficient reserve coverage. Mind you, we've been fairly fat on Megawhacker FO's lately, but just the 24th is supposedly low.

The only catch is that you have to be qualified as an FO in the Megawhacker at my company. If that's you and you've found yourself with lots of days off and not enough paycheck - let's talk!

Update: It all worked out. Somebody picked up the trip I was trying to get, and then offered to trade trips with me. Thanks, J.E.!


Hotel Coffee said...

Sorry man, not commutable. ;-)

Flydaddy said...

Keep trying. My record for a successful trip drop is 16 requests (as many as 5 per day).