Friday, May 12, 2006

Losing One - Update

I just got an email from a fellow FO at my airline directing me to his podcast blog, Hotel Coffee. I've only listened to one episode, but they're really excellent...I have some catching up to do. Until now I wasn't aware that any of my airline's pilots were active bloggers, much less podcasters.

What makes the latest podcast (#33) particularly interesting is that Dan was the FO on the flight that recently lost an engine out of Redding, as described in my last post. This is his second engine failure in two years; funny that he was paired with the captain that's probably had more engine failures than any other person at my airline. He describes the event in detail - check it out.


paul said...


Thanks for the link.

He's got the podcast thing down. Man, I hope the sports vlog we're doing at work is half as good.