Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I hate to say it, but how much I like each of our layovers is in large part tied to the availability of free internet access. Most of the layover hotels that Megawhacker crews stay at now offer free Ethernet or WiFi access, although the quality of the wifi varies rather widely. A few holdouts don't offer any access, or charge for it, forcing me to (gasp) go out and do something that's not computer related.

Of course, in Reno the only thing to do near our hotel (The Nugget) is gamble, which is probably why they charge $13/day for wifi: they want people down in their casino. But my pay grade isn't quite high enough to incline me to gamble my paycheck away...so what to do? Fortunately, down the street there are a few businesses that offer free Wifi. There's "A. Paris Café," where I'm having breakfast now, or "O'sky's Pub," where you can check your email over a Guinness so long as you can ignore the shouting drunken rednecks manning to pool tables. Either option is far preferable to wasting time in your room at The Nugget (featuring 1970's decor and furniture).

Ooh. My mixed berry crêpes just came. Bon appétit!