Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Envelope Please, Multimedia Update

I decided to just make a seperate post for the pics, audio, and video from my trip to The Hague.

I took quite a few video clips with my digicam, and am posting three here via MegaUpload. They're about as low quality as you'd expect from a point-and-shoot digicam but still hopefully a little interesting.

The first clip is from the train ride between Schipol Airport and Den Haag as the Dutch countryside abruptly changes to suburbs. Highlights include cows & a windmill.

The other two clips are from the concert/party at ASTA. The first was taken from just behind the DJ booth, watching Mr. Jonas Steur manning the decks. The second was taken from the main floor during the end of Armin van Buuren's set. The crowd is going nuts!

The entire nine hour event was broadcast live on various FM stations and internet streams around the world. I've uploaded two mp3s (again, MegaUpload) from Armin van Buuren's two hour set that give a very good flavor of the atmosphere and energy in the crowd.

"Arisen" by Arksun was the very first track in Armin's set. Armin played his own remix of Racoon's "Love You More" about halfway through his set.

And finally, some pictures from the trip:


~Rachel Mae~ said...

that's freakin' awesome. Who was the band?

Sam said...

Hey there little sister. Not a band, a series of DJ's. Jonas Steur, MIKE, John Askew, Armin van Buuren, Rank 1, and Menno de Jong.

Flygirl said...

Great pics!