Thursday, June 01, 2006

Return to The Torture Box

I have my yearly trip to the simulator on Monday, just after I get back from a four day trip on Sunday night. Today I'm scrounging around for study materials to bring on the trip with me, because I just haven't been able to motivate myself to study so far.

And I need to study, because this year I have a full-on proficiency check. Every year we alternate between "training-in-lieu," which is more of an intense training session, and "pro check," which is a full checkride, including oral exam, that you can very much fail.

I think the problem is that I've lost my fear of checkrides. I've had quite a few of them at this point in my career, and have yet to fail one, so I'm just not that nervous about them anymore - and nervousness would be an excellent motivator to study! Of course, my procrastination thus far is giving me concern, so I think I'll be able to hit the books hard during this four day trip. I'm bringing all the manuals and all the study guides and gouges from during my initial training along, and I'm bringing a pack of 4x6 index cards to make flash cards with.

It does help that I'm fresh out of recurrent ground school. Last year, they sent me to the sim first and then to ground school. This time around the knowledge will be fairly fresh when I review it.


Aviatrix said...

The 4 by 6 cards are aready in my flight bag. We probably all have them.

Glad yours went well.