Saturday, July 23, 2005

Return to Flyover Land

Thanks to all who commented on my CYA post. You all had some very good perspectives that will be excellent fodder for another post on the subject...when I get back around to it.

This last wednesday Dawn and I went up to Lost Lake to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We went canoeing, camped overnight, and did some hiking the next day. Tomorrow Dawn is accompanying me on an overnight trip to Kalispell, then we'll be headed directly to MN and SD to visit friends and family. Yes, we were just back there, but that was mostly to collect our remaining belongings and drive straight back. This time will be more relaxed, just visiting. And oh yes, I have a MacGregor 26X to sail while we're at Dawn's parents. I'm looking forward to that, since I haven't done any sailing since moving up here from SoCal. Blogging may be light but I promise pics, eventually!

Edit: My inlaws misspoke, it is a MacGregor 25. Still a nice boat.