Monday, July 18, 2005

Got Wings?

I've been hanging around at the flightinfo message boards for around a year and it's gone steadily downhill. Although there are some good, informative threads, you have to wade through a whole lot of name-calling and flame-baiting to get to them., despite a great database of aviation photos, runs a message board that's so stupid and juvenile that I visit it about once a year. For a great sardonic takeoff on it, visit

My buddy Glenn of RantAir recently started up an alternative aviation BB, called Got Wings? . So far we have like 7 members - mostly aviation bloggers - but Glenn and I seem to be the only ones doing much posting yet. I think this is a good chance for the budding aviation blogosphere to interact and get some good discussions going, beyond what we post in our blogs. So I'd highly encourage ya'll to sign up & start posting.


GC said...

To quote Sherrif Bart from Blazing Saddles:

"Do what he say!!!"

...he roooode a blazing saaddllllle...

Anonymous said...

So you guys aren't the only ones who noticed that cesspool of a forum. It's tough to have such a community when there are those who like to hide behind the security of a computer keyboard.

I run a forum for collectors of diecast aircraft (mostly civilian) who also happen to be aviation enthusiasts. We have one simple rule, don't post things you wouldn't have the balls to say to that individual in person. And we started ours for want of a more intellectual and mature atmosphere.

The sad thing is that isn't just kids polluting these forums. There are enough socially-crippled adults out there as well who do a good job of losing sight of the fun of aviation.

Good luck with Got Wings?, I'll have to check it out when I have the chance.