Thursday, July 21, 2005

IFR Pilot's Alaskan Adventure

Lately IFRPilot has been flying on a trip to Alaska and back with his Dad and C172. He's been posting lots of great pics on his blog, as well as documentation of numerous visits to DQ...

He got a little more adventure than he bargained for a few days back. While in cruise, his engine started running rough and losing power. He suspected carb ice, but by that time applying carb heat only killed the remaining power. He did end up regaining power, but did the prudent thing and put it down at the nearest airport. If that weren't enough "excitement" for one day, very shortly thereafter a LongEz crashed on the airport, killing its pilot. I'm sure IFRPilot needed no reminder at that point, but it drives home the point that what we do carries inherent risk. Let's all be careful out there.