Monday, July 11, 2005

Franklin & Younkin Die in Collision

Last night, airshow performers Jim Franklin and Bobby Younkin died when they collided during an act at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Franklin was best known for his jet powered Waco, pictured below, while Younkin often flew no less than four aircraft in an act ranging from his biplane Samson to a Lear 24 business jet. I've seen them both perform at Oshkosh. In Franklin's case, it was the first time he flew the jet-powered Waco at an airshow, and the first time he spooled that jet up, the entire crowd started giggling simultaneously. This is a fate shared by too many airshow performers. They'll be missed.


clint said...

I was shocked to hear about Younkin's untimely death. I had the chance to meet Bobby this last October at an airshow in my college hometown of Siloam Springs, AR (SLG). I actually was driving the re-fueling truck at the airport and helped him refuel one of his planes.
My brother is on the airport advisory board for the town and told me that Bobby was in the middle of building a hanger for a few of his planes at SLG.
May God be with the families affected by this loss.