Friday, June 24, 2005

Livin' da vida CRJ...

I had a 5:25am report time for a 3-day trip this morning. I woke at 4am and did all the requisite showering, packing, and dressing. I was about to head out the door when crew scheduling called. "We've had an equipment substitution on your first few legs. Your new report time is 12:51pm."

Whaaaaattt? An equipment substitution? I DO fly the MegaWhacker, after all. We do all the equipment subs for the CRJs, not the other way around. Suddenly I'm blessed with 7 more hours of sleep, to eat, to post to my blog. What bliss! So this is what it's like to be one of the anointed few that we at ABC Co. call Jet Pilots. I could get used to this! Lounging around while the less fortunate minions of the company do all my flying for me! Sign me up!