Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another cool GA blog

I've added a few general aviation blogs to the flying blogroll on my sidebar. Here's another cool one, featuring Yellowbird, a 1974 Cessna 177B. Today's post is a great Lileks-style sendup of 70's era airplane sales literature.

Check it out.


Tim Flight said...

Here is another General Aviation news site/blog.

Old Blind Dog said...

Hey, thanks for the link on the blogroll.

Yellowbird said...


Many thanks for the link. I really need to put together a blogroll for Yellowbird. When I do, you'll be there.

Sam said...

Heh, no prob. The bloggers featured on my blogroll are a pretty incestuous lot - we all constitute each other's readership! I'll be reading your blog regularly, I have a soft spot in my heart for GA...would love to own a plane, just gotta make Captain's pay first! (see:
Career Killer