Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Bachelor Life

Dawn just began the long drive to Minnesota, so I'm on my own for a few days. Here's how well she has me trained: I just did the dishes, even when I had clean dishes left to eat on, and when she won't be back for a week! Hmm, it's not quite like college-era bachelorhood.

Anybody stopping through the Portland area in the next few days is hereby ordered to contact me for hiking, samurai movies, hottubbing, and/or having a few beers at McMenamins.


GC said...

Bummer...They changed my IOE schedule just today. Took a PDX overnight away from me. Not so sure I'd be up for the hottubbing thing COUGHSAUSAGEFESTCOUGH, anyways.

Sam said...

The hottubbing thing was more aimed at readers who have a regular entourage of several hot women... Chris???

Glenn, next time you're in PDX I'd be glad to share a pitcher of Rubinator at Kennedy School with ya. A few less shades of "ambiguously gay duo," no?

GC said...

What, you no like Ace and Gary?!?

I'll let you know when I next get to PDX.