Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Sunny Day...

...chases the winter blues away!

It's been raining for about a month straight, one storm after another. Nothing but clouds and rain and drearyness. The local news stations have been running a bunch of feature stories on mental health, like they're afraid the weather is gonna have depressed Northwesterners offing themselves by the dozens.

Boy, was today ever a welcome change. It was an absolutely gorgeous day across the Northwest, with clear sunny skies and unlimited visibility. If my work was anything other than flying, I would've called in sick, because it would've been an awesome day for skiing or hiking. But it was great weather for flying, too, so I went to work.

My first leg up to Seattle was deadheading, and I ended up sitting in the jumpseat so I took a few pictures.

Mt. Hood on takeoff out of PDX.

Downtown Seattle, turning base for SEA.

On final for 16R, clear view of Mt. Rainier.

And to top it all off, a very nice sunset:


Lost Av8r said...

Do yourself a favour, print that last photo out and frame it, it's gorgeous.

Flygirl said...

I second that! You have a great eye for photography Sam! Glad some good weather finally rolled your way...I know how that can be...especially having spent most of my month in ORD!

Anonymous said...

Yes, super pics, thanks!