Friday, January 13, 2006

Let it be resolved...

In going through my old posts, I'm struck my one thing: I used to update this blog a lot. And I really haven't updated it much at all the last few months. That's unfortunate, because the best blogs are the ones that are updated often, like Cockpit Conversation and Freight Dog Tales. Part of it is that I've been pretty busy between flying, the holidays, and such important activities as skiing. The other thing is that I've been concentrating on the Flying Careers series, which turned out to be longer and more in-depth than I was originally thinking. Many of the posts were huge, and it often took a week or two of procrastination for me to finish each one.

Now that the series is just about done, I'll hopefully be posting here more often. I have a few ideas on subjects I want to write about, but I'd like to get some suggestions. If there's anything aviation related (professional or recreational) you'd like to hear my thoughts on, drop me a line or leave a comment and I'll put it in the suggestion bank. Thanks!