Sunday, January 29, 2006


Today Dawn and I flew down to SoCal to visit some of our friends down there. Other than the occasional LAX turn, it's my first visit to the old stomping grounds in several months. The weather, as usual, was gorgeous. In the middle of a Northwest winter, seeing the sun and some palm trees sure felt good. I saw the ocean, and realized how much I miss it.

On the other hand, I was reminded why I really don't care to ever move back to LA. Endless sprawl, congested traffic, rude drivers, dirty concrete rivers, ugly brown hillsides... it all makes me appreciate once more what a great place to live Portland is.

We went up to the Getty Center for a while. Even with weekend crowds, the Getty is an island of tranquility amid the chaos of the LA basin. Amazingly, our friends had never been there. As an out-of-towner, it was fun to introduce native Angelenos to something cool in their own backyard.

It's good to know that if I'm in serious need of sun, LA is an easy two hour flight south. For now, though, I think I can stick out the winter. I'll just frequent the coffeehouses, occasionally grab some sunshine at FL250, and take advantage of all that snow on the mountain.


GC said...

...and you didn't CALL!?!?

I live about fifteen minutes N of the Getty.

I've lived here a majority of my life. I've decided I have a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles and the surrounding suburbs. I hate the crowds, the pretentiousness, the vanity, the far leftist political atmosphere, the smog, and the dirt. But I love my family (who all live nearby), my house, my Dodgers, and my Kings.

So I don't see myself leaving for a while.

Flygirl said...

I think I prefer the montana picture over lax any day! Too many people for me!