Sunday, January 22, 2006

Go Hawks!

I've never been a big Seahawks fan, but these days a Northwest transplant can't help but get infected by the tremendous excitement over their current season. They've replaced the rain as the daily topic of conversation; heck, to hear people talk, you wouldn't know it's been raining for over a month straight. Here's hoping for a Steelers-Seahawks Super Bowl!

*Off to watch the game*

Update: 4:25pm, seconds into the second quarter and the Hawks are up 17-0. Completely dominant in the first quarter. Sure sounds loud in Qwest Stadium!

Update: 5:20pm, halftime, Hawks 20-7. Carolina has been held to a mere 62 yards of offense thus far. Kinda surprised the refs picked up the flag on Steve Smith's punt return TD. The refs seem to be very indecisive & noncomittal this game.

Update: 6:55pm. They did it! Super Bowl XL, here we come!


Flygirl said...

Yeah...go Hawks! I'm not a big football fan but everyone here breathes BRONCOS so people have been a little sad the last 2 days! Glad your team made it though! Question: do you want me to stop posting comments on your blog b/c it seems you are not posting any anymore. Do you still get the comments? Have a great week Sam.

Sam said...

Hey Flygirl, no I'm not ignoring you, I'm just an idiot! I apparently enabled comment moderation without realizing it. Whoopsie. Please, more comments! More! More! Heh.