Friday, June 23, 2006

Live from the Crew Room

Well, our summer has been officially kicked off with a backpacking trip that left Dawn and I more or less lame; all the brutal details with accompanying photos will probably be on the next post. For now, though, Dawn is taking the NWA redeye flight to MN, where she'll be helping her parents build their home's new addition over the next week and a half. As for me, I have a four day trip that ends on monday, when I head out to MN to hang with Dawn and in In-laws for a few days before coming back for my next four day trip. Once that's done, I'm home for a few days and then we head to Europe for three weeks. Sheesh, the summer hasn't even started and the schedule is making my head spin.

Because I had to drop Dawn off for her flight fairly late, and my trip has an early showtime tomorrow, I'm bedding down in the crew room at PDX. It's no big hardship.

Overstuffed La-Z-Boy? Check!
Blankets & pillows? Check!
Coke machine? Check!
Computer with internet access? Check!
Free breakfast? Check!

Well then, I'm as snug as a bug; just gotta set the alarm clock for 6:20am, at which time I'll stir myself awake enough to stumble across the hall to check in for my 6:25 showtime, jammies and all [grin].


Anonymous said...

Violation of policy regarding crew meals resulting in fewer meals available for people who AREN'T too cheap/lazy to go into the terminal and get their own food? Check!

Sam said...

Lighten up Francis, it was meant to be humorous, there was no underhanded burrito-swiping involved. I WAS too cheap and lazy to go into the terminal for food, but I couldn't quite stand the thought of one more crew meal than is absolutely neccessary for survival - so I went hungry. Happy?