Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Week

Weds: Portland-Sacramento
Thurs: Sacramento - Portland - Boise - Los Angeles - Boise
Fri: Boise - Los Angeles - Reno - Los Angeles - Reno
Sat: Reno - Los Angeles - Boise - Portland
Sun: Portland-Spokane-Boise-Sacramento-Portland
Mon: Portland-Seattle-Billings-Portland

Yeah, I'm spent. Sorry I didn't get around to the Flying Careers - Lifestyle post yet. But I guess this is a good prelude to it, no?

Off today then two more days of reserve.


Sam said...

Boo-freaking-hoo, let's have a pity party for Sam! ;-)

Heh, I guess that that schedule isn't much harder than other trips I've flown. I didn't have any days over 4 legs. I was just exhausted after 6 days...

Flygirl said...

I feel your pain! ;)