Thursday, December 29, 2005

Menzies Strikes Again!

Those of you who've read this blog know that I'm not a big fan of contracting ramp service out to Menzies. Besides the incident that I wrote about, many of my airline's crews have experienced problems with Menzies in LA, and there have been a number of incidents on the Seattle ramp since our sister company fired all their SEA rampers to replace them with Menzies.

Thus far, Menzies' damage in Seattle has been confined to screwing up the operation, making the company lose important seafood cargo contracts, "tagging" the baggage holds with graffiti, getting into a gang fight on the ramp, and a few dented airplanes. But now they've finally managed to screw up bad enough to put passengers at risk.

You can read the whole story at this link, but here's what basically happened. A Menzies ramper backed a bag loader into an MD80 but didn't tell anyone. The MD80 took off for Burbank and lost pressurization while climbing through FL260, forcing a return to SEA. After landing, a 12" x 6" gash was found in the lower fuselage. Upon questioning, the ramper fessed up and claimed that he didn't even see a dent after he hit the airplane. The company got a damaged airplane, negative publicity, and unwanted attention from the FAA - but hey, Menzies is saving them money!


Zaher said...
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Jeff said...

Being a union guy myself, I can relate to contract services. They are a very poor way to save money. I honestly believe they run off more business money than they save.

amulbunny said...

And just think, some of those mental giants left the ramp and went to work for the TSA. No wonder the agency is so screwed up.

I really enjoy reading your adventures. Keep it up. And keep hollering about Menzies and their poor service at LAX. Maybe someone will listen.

Sam said...

Sorry for the deleted comment, it contained the name of our sister company. Essentially the poster was saying that he flies that particular airline far less since they brought in Menzies & screwed up the operation. For the money the airline charges, says the poster, they'd better deliver a quality product; lately he's been flying low-cost carriers instead.