Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Exercise in Futility

PDX to PDX with 30 mins holding over BOI
Departed 20DEC 0051 PST
Arrived 20DEC 0320 PST

Boise was below minimums as early as 10pm, but the powers that be didn't feel like taking our advice. So much for the fuel conservation program - we burned lots of fuel for nothing last night!


Anonymous said...

Correction? minimums as early as 10 am(?) did you mean 10 pm?

Lost Av8r said...

I've noticed during my short lived aviation career, that companies don't seem to mind burning some dinosaurs, so long as we go give it our best shot to prove to the passengers that we tried.

Anonymous said...

Parachutes, the answer is parachutes. I overheard a flight attendant tell that to an angry customer when our flight couldn't land and he demanded to know how he was going to get home.

Flygirl said...

I had the day from hell two days ago trying to get into Boise from SFO. My flight got cancelled after a 2 hour delay, then we were to deadhead on the later flight (also delayed 2 hours) which actually took off for BOI but diverted to TWF...we ended up back in SFO after 15 hours of duty but only 2.3 hours of actual flight time! Livin the dream!

Sam said...

Hehe, "anonymous," otherwise known as my loving wife Dawn, is correct. I meant 10pm, not 10am. It's changed.