Sunday, February 27, 2005

Just a quick post...

Because Dawn and I are off to church, and then doing some house-hunting. We're looking at buying a place in the next few months - it's exciting, if a little scary.

Usually I dread calls from crew scheduling in the middle of a trip, but they gave me a rather nice surprise yesterday. I was on day 2 of a 4-day trip (Sun Valley, Edmonton, Calgary) when they called and said I was deadheading home at the end of the day, and that was it for my trip. Furthermore, we got into Seattle early and I was able to get a very early deadhead, which got me home two hours earlier than crew scheduling planned. Sometimes the stars align just right.

I still have home reserve today and tomorrow. I'm hoping not to get used, but they've been really short on Q400 FO's lately; I'm probably still first in line to get called.