Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Freight Doggy Dogg

At my airline I am engaged in the supposedly respectable business of shuttling passengers around. Prior to this job, I worked in the seedy underbelly of aviation - Part 135 cargo flying. I say that in jest; tell people you're a cargo pilot and they ask what's wrong that they won't let you fly people. But the reality is, flying Part 135 cargo is a demanding, tiring, and sometimes dangerous job. Individual experience may vary, according to which outfit you fly for - some are respectable, soom rather shady. I flew for a small, struggling company before going to work for Ameriflight - the nation's largest Part 135 operator and really well-run outfit.

I'll write more about being a "freight dog" later. Right now, I have to get to bed so I can get up early to fly a freight run for Ameriflight out of PDX. Yeah, that's right...I'm not completely out of the cargo business. I recently was rehired by Ameriflight to fly for them on my days off from Horizon, since they're really short on pilots in Portland. I requalified in the Piper Chieftan aircraft last Thursday, and will be flying to Newport, OR, tomorrow.