Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baja Video Blog - Episode 3

Wherein I go an entire day on dirt without dropping or somersaulting my bike, we stay on a ranch and discover where beef comes from, and Brad's Big Red Pig suffers its most serious breakdown yet.

Also, I realize that Google Maps' coverage of Baja is quite scant and it's difficult to find many of the places and routes I've been talking about. I modified the GPS routes we used for navigation to reflect the routes we actually took, converted it to a KML file, and uploaded it to Google Maps. Because these are off-road GPS routes, each leg won't follow the trail or road we took perfectly, but each turning point should be pretty close to right on our route. You can access the Google Map of our entire trip here [new window].


dayat said...

great post, i like that, i will share to my friend.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, looking forward to part 4!