Monday, March 18, 2013

Baja Video Blog - Episode 2


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your trip very much...would you plz so on a map where you are traveling in Baja..I am having a hard time finding it on google earth. Thanks


Sam said...

Tim - Your word is my command! My GPS is with the bike in a storage unit in Mexico so I couldn't dump the tracks, but I did modify the routes I created in Garmin Basecamp before the trip to reflect the routes we actually took. I then used Google Earth to convert the GPX file to KML for Google Maps. Here's the URL that should make the routes display correctly:,-93.609998&sspn=0.114708,0.299721&t=m&z=6

I'll also provide a link in my next post. Note that because these were created as off-road routes for GPS, the legs don't follow the trails & roads exactly but each *waypoint* should be right on the route we took.