Thursday, November 16, 2006

Meeting of the Blogger Buds

I met another aviation blogger last Friday night: GC of RantAir. He was here on a (rather short) layover, so I met him for dinner near his crew hotel. Dawn came with to ensure I didn't whip out my camera and photograph his legs. He turned out to be a very nice, laidback guy. Not that I was expecting him to be a freakin' weirdo or anything. His airline has a reputation for hiring nice laidback guys (and gals), and GC fits right in there, I think.

GC was the first guy to leave a comment on my blog, and link to my blog. These days he's pretty busy, so he doesn't update as much as many other bloggers, but I still enjoy his mix of flying, aviation news, sports, and politics - so he stays at the top of my blogroll.

Anyways, it's been fun meeting fellow aviation bloggers Aviatrix and GC. If anybody else is going to be spending any time in the PDX area, let me know. There's always about a 2/5 chance that I'll be home!


Aviatrix said...

Okay, I'm offering a bounty for the first blogger to post a picture of GC's legs. Double if you can get him to wear stockings.

Scott said...

Well no pic's of my legs but I live in Vancouver Sam and if you ever want to go have lunch (in Vanouver or by air) or just fly around let me know. I will be more then happy to go along. I am checked out at Gorge Winds and down at Pearson as well. Just started a Blog ", not much but its fun.