Thursday, October 26, 2006

Aviatrix, I Presume?

Today I flew to [Anonymous Canadian City] to meet up with Aviatrix, author (and starlet) of Cockpit Conversation, one of the most popular aviation blogs today. I've met a number of readers before, but Aviatrix is the first fellow blogger I've met. I'm quite happy to report that 1) Aviatrix is indeed a woman; 2) She isn't a serial killer, or at least I'm not her type, victim-wise; and 3) She is as as funny and insightful in real life as on her blog.

After I verified these three facts, Aviatrix press-ganged me into a workout that I'll leave vague (see: anonymous canadian city) except to say it involved a whole lot of stairs, around 3000 total vertical feet worth. I'd say she's getting pretty well recovered from those blood clots. Try and steal Aviatrix's stuff now, teenage miscreants of the world!

After that, we headed downtown to have some Indian food and afterward went to a bar where we could watch airplanes take off and land. Yes, you've surmised correctly: we were in a Canadian city with a downtown and Indian restaurants and airplanes! Now that I wasn't gasping for air, I was better able to interrogate Aviatrix on all the details my readers want to know, like "Do you have that B737 job lined up yet?" and "When is 'Aviatrix, the book' coming out?" and "Just who is Badger Airlines, anyways?"

Eh, never mind that....I know what my readers really want to know: What did I think of Aviatrix's medically mandated sexy compression stockings? Readers, I came through for you on this one. In the aviation blogosphere scoop of the year, I got a picture of Aviatrix's "prescription for style."

Is there an aviation blogosphere equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize? I'd like to toss my hat in that ring...

Anyways, it was fun to put a face to the stories and grill Aviatrix on all the fun details she couldn't blog about. I'm eager for Aviatrix to get her unrestricted medical back, start her next job, and continue to wow the blogosphere with her many aeronautical adventures. If you're in Canada and know of a multi-crew turbine job, preferably in the western provinces, send Aviatrix an email. Her qualifications meet most such positions, I believe.


Anonymous said...


Is her identity so sooper seekrit that her email address has only a mailto: link and nothing else?

In Aviatrix' honor:
As I was walking up the stair
I met a woman who wasn't there;
She wasn't there again today.
I wish, I wish she'd stay away

With apologies to Ogden Nash

Aviatrix said...

I have it on good authority that Sam was somewhat sleep-deprived when he posted that entry. I not only made him climb tall buildings, but I forced him to get up at four am to jumpseat here. I'm sure he'll fix the mailto link when he wakes up, but meanwhile you can reach me at

Sam said...

Whoa. That's very wierd. I tested the link and it worked last night. Is Blogger now eating the HTML from already posted posts!?

wil said...


You might enjoy the video I posted today.

DailyAviator said...

Wow. Not only a pix of Aviatrix's Medically Required Sexy Stockings, but confirmation that she does indeed wear miniskirts. I'm impressed. Pulitzer material, at the least.

Soaring Student said...

Looking at the cinder block wall, one can only wonder if Avi took Sam to one of the more upscale establishments for breakfast.

Sam said...

Yup, we went to one of the city's finest restaurants, snuck around back, and raided the dumpster in true broke pilot style.

forbin said...

I like the other version of the poem:

Yesterday upon the stair,
I saw a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today.
(I think he's from the CIA!)

Flygirl said...

Most definately Pulitzer material! Sounds like lot's of fun!