Monday, October 23, 2006

The Saga of My Long Lost Cellphone

Some of you may remember that I lost my cell phone back in August while jumpseating around visiting friends. I had left it on a railway platform in Hurst, Texas (just west of Dallas), and it was gone by the time I went back to look for it. I called the railroad's lost and found office for a few weeks, then gave up. I wasn't expecting to get it back.

Yesterday a friend called and told me that my cell phone had been found. Some cop called him from my contact list and asked if he knew anybody who'd lost a cell phone in Texas. My buddy passed along the officer's phone number, which I called today. I was quite eager to find out what adventures my cellphone had without me.

It turns out that the cop is a liason officer at a high school in Crowley, TX, just south of Fort Worth. My cell phone was turned into him after being found in a girl's restroom at the school. After perusing the contact list, he realized that the phone probably did not belong to a high school girl - there were too many out of state numbers, and lots of suspicious entries like "Crew Sked DO NOT ANSWER." He called one of the out of state entries to trace the phone back to me.

It turns out that after I deactivated the phone, the thief never bothered to reactivate it. I assume she was dissapointed to find out it didn't have a SIM card and could only be activated with Verizon. Why she still kept it all this time is beyond me. According to the liason officer, she took quite a few photos with it - including a self-portrait in a mirror!!! So he knows exactly who the thief is. Hopefully he rescues her from a life of crime, because with that level of intelligence she doesn't have much of a future in it.

So against all odds, it seems like I'll be getting my cell phone back. If high school girls in Canada are anywhere near as dumb as in Crowley, I'd say Aviatrix stands a good chance of getting her belongings back, too.


Bryn, North Wales, UK said...

Your suspect sounds like she has the same high IQ of the thief who stole a laptop as it was photographing him in the act, and was stunned when the police picked him up & recovered the laptop......
Link here :

Jaime Olson said...

Sam! That's business for me. I live off of juvenile delinquents :) Anyhoo, you have some fun stories on your blogs. Catch you later.
Jaime Olson

Anonymous said...

Thief? Ok, she should have turned it right away, but YOU lost it. That makes you the smart one, right???

Sam said...

Anonymous, you're right. She wasn't really an outright thief, she was just operating on the finders-keepers principle. So I really don't hold it against her. I just think it's hilarious that she took pictures of herself on a phone that was obviously somebody else's, not bothering to erase my own contacts or pictures. I'll be the first to admit it was an idiotic move on my part leaving the phone on the train platform.