Monday, July 10, 2006

Update Nummer Zwei

I found an internet cafè that lets you use the USB port! So here's some pictures from the trip so far.

Zurich's Old Town.

Bird's eye view of the capitol city of Bern.

Stained glass windows in Bern's Münster. More interesting from a historical perspective are the older frescos - all the heads of saints and the virgin Mary were painted over by iconoclasts during the Reformation.

Nice view of Bern's Altstadt from across the river. The tallest spire is the Münster.

Interlaken at dawn.

Lake Brienz. The aquamarine color comes from glacial silt, as most of the streams in the area are glacier fed.

The town of Brienz.

Swan near the Kappelbrücke in Luzern.

Vierwaldstättersee, otherwise known as Lake Lucerne.

My time is almost up but next time I'll post some pics from the World Cup match last night.


Anonymous said...

beautiful pix!
Makes me want to travel...