Sunday, July 09, 2006

Update Nummer Eins

I'm currently in Luzern, Switzerland; Dawn and I have been in the country since Friday morning, when our Delta flight from Atlanta landed in Zürich. We didn't have any problems getting on our flights, it went really smoothly.

We spent Friday exploring Zürich, and stayed in a hostel in the old town. Yesterday morning we took an early train to the capitol city of Bern, which we spent the day touring. The original plan was to sleep in Luzern, but the hostels here were full up so we went to Interlaken instead & stayed at Balmer's Herberge. Well, not exactly - we stayed in Balmer's Tent Village, basically overflow sleeping in canvas tents. Not quite the lap of luxury, but it was at least a bed and the price is right. We're now staying in Luzern two nights, and will skip our night in Interlaken later in the trip - mixing up the itenerary a bit.

I haven't found an internet cafe with a usable USB port yet; if I do, I have some great pictures to post. Otherwise they'll have to wait until we get back.

Tonight I watched the World Cup down on the Vierwaldstättersee waterfront, where they had a big screen set up. Luzern has a large italian population, so the crowd was big and decidedly pro-italian. When Italy won, the place went nuts. It was a whole lot of fun.

Okay, 2 CHF doesn't get you a whole lot of internet time so I'll sign off on this update. Hopefully I can update again in a few days, maybe with pictures.


GC said...

Ah! Europe on a tight budget!!

You're a pair of brave souls, you two!

Sam said...

Switzerland has a reputation as an expensive place to visit but you can do it on a stay in hostels, zimmer, and berggästhause, you eat at bars and self-service restaurants (I love Manor!) and shop at a market to cook your own food. We're having a great time at a quarter of the usual budget, and get to live more like a local.