Friday, April 28, 2006

Will you Watch?

Dawn and I are going to see the new film United 93 tonight. It's British director Paul Greengrass' recreation of what happened to United's flight 93 on 9.11.01, and by all accounts it's a good film. It has generated a fair amount of controversy, primarily over whether it's "too early" or whether a commercial film should profit from the tragedy. My gut instinct is that if the film really is a sober, historically accurate, and emotionally non-manipulative look at a key event in world history - I hope it makes huge profits, because that's the only way that Hollywood will make more films of the sort. Right now, Hollywood figures they have to throw in famous actors and a love plot to make money *cough Pearl Harbor cough*.

Anyways, I'll probably review United 93 here tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime: will you see United 93? Why or why not? Comment away!

Update later: That was a tough movie to watch. It was good, though. More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sam;
I think it's too early for me.

I'm in the industry (albeit as an airport geek) with a wife who flies for a living; I'm still too angry about the damage it caused. Loss of life, economic downturn, brutal but necessary security proceedures and the failure of my wifes airline a the time.

Besides I know how it ends.


GC said...

Nope. I won't be seeing it. There is no one on Earth who can accurately depict what really occurred on that aircraft on that horrible day. Any attempt is a fallacy in my opinion.

Sam said...

You're right GC, nobody knows exactly what happened onboard UA93. When I said "Greengrass' recreation," the emphasis was on it being his conception of what went on that day. Recreation is maybe a bad word because it connotates a perfect accuracy that I don't think anybody is pretending this film delivers.

I'll be seeing it shortly and will report back how closely it follows to what is publicly known about the events on UA93. Of course, whether the public needs to see or even should see a dramatic portrayal of those events is another debate, and one I probably won't entirely make up my mind about until I see the movie.

Flygirl said...

All points valid...I think it's a good thing this movie is out and I definately plan to go see it. It's about remembering what happened and those who were there. Also, every family member of someone who was on United 93 gave their support to this film. I think that says a lot right there. I'm sure it's not going to be easy to watch but at the same time, I think it's so important that we never forget.