Friday, February 03, 2006

Airline Pilot in a Cessna

One of the scariest things in aviation!

The others are doctors in Bonanzas & lawyers in Mooneys.

Man, every time I fly the C152, I can't believe how small it is.

I normally wouldn't fly a C152 at max gross weight out of Jeffco Airport in Denver, but it was cold so we got a good 300 fpm climb out of it!


VxG said...

Wow, that must be quite nostalgic for you. I wonder a couple of things:

- Who owns a C152 in Denver? Would it really be a very usable aircraft year-round with the high density altitude during the summer?

- When you go to an FBO do you have to get a checkout even though you're a bigtime airline pilot? :)


Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds fun, I wish i could've been there.


Sam said...

Yeah 8HX, I know you live in Denver & all but didn't call you up because I get the distinct impression that you're in love with me [grin].

VXG, a buddy of mine rented the C152 at Journeys Aviation at Jeffco. You're right, it wouldn't be a very useful airplane year-round; you certainly wouldn't want two people and full fuel on a hot summer day.

I don't tell FBO folks that I'm an airline pilot, 'cause I don't think they'd let me rent their planes. ;-)

pops said...

hey Sam: great to see ya in a little one again. I've got treasured memories of flying around Cambrige and Princeton with you before the professional days. You always made it fun and interesting. Even sitting in back of a C-172 with you landing us. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!:)looking forward to next time.

Flygirl said...

Good ole' GA flyin'! Gotta love it! ;)

Flightfire said...

There are a bunch of people who own "Lawnmowers with Wings" in Colorado. When I was doing my undergrad at CU, I had a prof who owned a C-152 and we flew it up to Steamboat. Looking back, it probably wasn't the smartest move, but we got that sucker up to 12,000ft just fine. Nothing beats shooting IFR approaches in the Yampa Valley.

clint said...

it's tough enough to get a 152 up on a hot texas day...i can't imagine trying to get one to climb on a summer day in colorado. i think i would seriously consider driving that day.

Sam said...

Wow, flightfire, you got a 152 up to 12k? Heh...back in the day I took a 150 as high as it would go and 10k was about the limit. The 152 has a few extra HP, though.