Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Flying Careers, the series

No, I didn't completely forget my last post's promise of subsequent posts on flying careers. I've just been busy. I actually did type up a monsterous post a few nights ago, but I realized that it was just too much at once; I needed to break it down into readable chunks.

So in this series of posts, I'll be writing about the aviation career field, some of the pros and cons of various flying jobs, the ways one can go about getting into the industry, and some of the pitfalls that await the unwary. Although I try to keep myself well-informed, everything that I say will obviously be colored by my own experience, so I'm depending on those of you with more experience or different backgrounds to add to the information presented here, ie via comments.

This particularly goes for those of you who fly outside the U.S., since the entirety of my flying career has been with employers in the States.

I'm going to organize the posts roughly as follows:
  • My Own Experience
  • Jobs within the Aviation Field
  • Career Paths & Progression
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Lifestyle
  • Job Stability, or lack thereof
  • Getting Started, or Not
  • Some Words of Advice
In each of the posts, I'll include a specific question for professional pilots to respond to in the comments. Your help is appreciated.

Subject for this post's comments: Is such a series really neccessary or is Sam just feeling a little self-important lately?

Just kidding. Kinda. :-)


Aviatrix said...

Well, the last post on flying school ads was both hilarious and heartening, so I look forward to more.

Readers seem to like the "trying to get there" aspect of my posts, although the trying is so trying that it's really intermittant.

Anonymous said...

I'd enjoy reading your perspective...I enjoy reading the blog!!

Lauren said...

I love it! I'd like to know what I'm in for. Well, not me per se, but I'd like to be understanding of my significant other's situation. :-P