Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Still a CFI

Well, I renewed my CFI certificate today, with 7 days to spare. I'm now good through 31 May 2007. As I did in 2003, I used American Flyers Flight Instructor Renewal Clinic online. It's a pretty pain-free course & one flat fee lets you renew your CFI through them for life. Pretty nifty.

Mind you, since coming to my current airline I've used my CFI exactly once. But I still want to keep it current to instruct friends & family in the future, and to leave options open should something happen to my airline career (ie massive furloughs, etc).

Of course, Ameriflight hasn't been using me a lot lately. Maybe I should pick up a student or two as another side gig. Anyone in the PDX area wanna learn how to fly? Leave a comment!


clint said...

hey sam, great site. i will add you to my links section on my blog (http://outer-marker.blogspot.com/)