Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Winter Wonderland!

I went back up to Timberline today, and boy am I glad I did. They had 5 inches of snow overnight, and it was powder too - real nice and light, a joy to ski in, none of that Cascade Concrete crap. It snowed throughout the day, heavily enough to cover the morning's tracks so that it was almost virgin powder by the afternoon.

Funny that it took until April to get bona fide winter weather in the Pacific Northwest. I'll take it, though - Spring lift ticket prices! I also had a 2-for-1 voucher for Tuesdays so my five hours of skiing bliss costed a mere $16. Yeah, sometimes being the junior whipping boy with Tues-Weds off isn't so bad!

This makes four times I've skiied this winter. Previous seasons it was usually once or twice. The additional practice definately helps. I stretched myself a little today and tried glade skiing - and I loved it. Skiing through trees can be hairy if you don't keep your speed under control, but otherwise staying off the trails yeilds awesome virgin powder skiing plus the occasional set of moguls, terrain, etc.

So - if champaign powder falls in the woods, does anybody hear it? Doesn't matter, skiers will ski it!

Okay, I've hardly posted anything about flying for the past several weeks...with everything going on, it's looking more like a personal blog. Okay, I'll make some aviation-related posts soon. I promise.

*Back to your regularly scheduled programming*