Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Hazards of Going On Autopilot

An interesting New Yorker article that mirrors a lot of what I've found to be true of cockpit automation over the years:

The Hazards Of Going On Autopilot - Maria Konnikova


Colin said...

Have you already posted this:

(Children of the Magenta Line).

That article (which has some whoops, obviously; Asiana was not configured correctly) is why I fly half my flights without the autopilot on and why I am always quizzing myself about where I am, where would I fly if the nice colorful screens went black.

I'm also listening to tunes and reading the Kindle when things are really quiet.

typingtalker said...

This week's Aviation Week and Space Technology has an article titled, "Mind Games. Training procedures aim to keep pilots mentally engaged in automated cockpits." Page 21.