Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Format!

As promised, the slight redesign from the week before last was only an interim stopgap; since then I've used a parallel test site to do a complete redesign of the blog. This is an adaptation of the "OrangeLine" template offered for free over at BTemplates. You'll notice the main page has a rotating display of photos from throughout the course of my career; I'll occasionally change these. I've added new pages about me & the blog's history, compiled a reading list of some of my favorite posts from the last nine years, and am in the process of adding labels to the archived posts. In addition I've added social media sharing buttons to the main page & at the bottom of each post. I'm redoing the long-neglected blogroll, so if you have a favorite aviation blog you think I should check out, please tell me. And let me know what you think of the new digs!


Richard said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog... and I'm afraid you still aren't doing enough to keep your connection to your new employer obscure. The way I think about it, there's very little downside to their just telling you to pull the plug.

I know you've expunged references to their name, but I think you need to go further: I'd take down all of the photos that show your commuter airline's livery, because it's pretty obvious from your text that you "flowed up". I'd also de-clarify some of your talk about the lines you fly: it is pretty clear where your carrier's hubs are.

Dave at flightlevel390 used to do a pretty good job at maintaining plausible deniability. Unfortunately, I think you now need to be there too. All it would take is the word of one mid-level executive to take the blog down now, and that'd be a shame.

(However, should somebody force you to choose between the blog and the job, hint: take the job! No hard feelings here...)

Best wishes!

Sam Weigel said...

Yeah, thought about it a few days & you're right. Will be pulling down pics with last airline's livery & uniform pieces as they are a little too directly connectable to my current airline. Almost out of training, then will have a few days to finish overhauling the blog. Thanks for the thoughts & advice - Sam.

Anonymous said...

In answer to your question, Sam, I like the blog's new look (and title). -- Ben Read

Ron Rapp said...

Ditto on the new design -- well played!

It's a shame you have to worry about your employer so much. Even if you take down all the photos and hints, just the fact that you fly for a major with a flow-through agreement means you could almost take a random guess and have a nearly even shot at being right.

Anyway, I hope you never have to worry about that. Blog on!