Thursday, February 17, 2011

Places I've Flown

View Places I've Flown in a larger map.

Red = NewCo
Green = Horizon
Blue = Light Plane
Orange = Nonrevving


sequ said...

Hi Sam,

I see you´ve never been to South America...

Lot´s to see, relatively inexpensive and also, not that far away.

You guys should try it sometime!



typingtalker said...

No holds?

Carl said...

Interesting idea, Sam. I've been following your blog for almost 3 years; it's interesting to see the progression of someone's career in map form. They've just got you everywhere on those Jungle-buses, eh?

Sam said...

SEQU - Flight connections to South America aren't quite as convenient as Europe and Asia for us, meaning it's tough to shoehorn in quick trips...but we've been wanting to get down there for a long time and probably will soon. Peru, Argentina, and Chile particularly interest us.

Rick said...

TSA know about Cairo Sam? :-)

Derek said...


How did you do the google maps "places I have flown"

I would like to do the same.



Sam said...

Rick-- When I still had the passport with the Egyptian visa, it earned me extra scrutiny from security ppl in AMS...particularly since the entry and exit stamps were one day apart!

Stew-- There's probably an app out there that will do it automatically, I dunno, didn't look for one. I was bored one afternoon and just started drawing lines on google maps.

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