Monday, August 09, 2010

The Long Road Home, Part 2 Photos

Dawn at Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, ON.

American Falls, seen from the Canadian side.

On the MS Chi-Cheemaun near Tobermory, Ontario.

Trying to figure out how we're going to get around Lake Huron now that the ferry is returning to port with its bow stuck open.

Lake Huron near Au Sable, Michigan. I fly over Au Sable every time I work EWR-MSP but had never seen Lake Huron from the ground before this trip.

Riding over the Mackinac Bridge between Michigan's Lower & Upper Peninsulas.

Lighthouse on Lake Michigan at Manistique, MI.

Soggy morning at Indian Lake near Manistique.

Minneapolis at last! Left 10 July 2009, Returned 31 May 2010.

14,679 miles, 4 oil changes, 2 sets of tires, and a rebuilt transmission later...the Beamer is home.


Rick Barlow said...

So...don't Beemer riders have some sort of ritual to celebrate such an accomplishment? Congrats Sam & Dawn, your officially "circumnavigator's" in mileage at least!

So,, what's next eh?

Merlin said...

Keep blogging! I'm a young aviation enthusiast and especially enjoy the flying post. Just an encouragement-keep it up!

Jonathan said...

Hey Sam,
Can't wait for the next flying adventure, or even better, a walk through of another one of the Jungle Bus' systems.


Sam said...


I think taking the Alcan to Anchorage next summer is what's next! A lot depends on whether I'm senior at NewCo or junior on reserve at Widget at that point, though.