Monday, June 02, 2008


I've mentioned that we sold our Blazer rather than drive it back to Minnesota. Our experiment in single-car living has mostly been a success. Dawn works about 20 miles from where we live so she gets the car most days. I commute to work via bus and train, and we live within walking distance of stores, restaurants, theaters, parks, and lakes. For a bit of inconvenience, we've saved a lot of money on gas, insurance, and maintenance.

That said, it can be frustrating to be stuck at home with no wheels. The frustration doesn't merit the expense of a second car, but we came up with a workable solution: buy a motorcycle. At least, that's the practical justification. I've been riding my dad's and brothers' bikes since last summer, and have been wanting to get one of my own. The fact that Minnesota has a six month riding season at best means a motorcycle is more of a recreational expense than a practical one.

Last week I bought a 1988 Yamaha FZ600. It's an early light sport bike in the same class as the Ninja 500. It's a lot lighter and more maneuverable than my dad's and brother's BMW sport-touring bikes I've been riding until now, while much friendlier to beginning riders than my other brother's R6. This one's been used and has a few battle scars to prove it, but honestly I wanted a less-than-perfect first bike so I won't be devastated if I drop it. The guy I bought it from put a fair bit of work into the bike's mechanicals. With luck I should get some decent miles of enjoyment out of the FZ600 while building motorcycling experience.


twominuteturn said...

Hey man what ever floats your boat. I like the bike. Nothin' too flashy but enough to get the job done!

Tracy said...

Looks like a nice bike. Enjoy the ride, but don't ever relax. With everybody talking on cell phones while they're driving, defensive driving while on a bike is required now more than ever.