Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back in Business

Well, we took the plunge and bought a MacBook. I like it so far...a lot. I'm still getting used to the Mac OS X Leopard operating system, it's considerably different than windows (although vista copied some of its features). I'm continually finding new quirks and features that make you go "Hmm...why didn't Microsoft do that!?" 

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and tips in the comments of my last post. There seem to be a fair amount of Mac users that read this blog, so I'd like to ask you all to post your best Mac OS X tips and tricks in this post's comments. Thanks!

Here's a picture of the new machine:


Tim said...

os X is so good!! the dashboard is sooo awesome (F12), try holding down SHIFT and then pressing F12, hehe. as well as exposee and all the others, and spaces is also very nice. (F8 through 11) (and you can hold down shift for all of those for slow-mo)

this dashboard widget:
i could not live without!!

good luck, have fun!

SloppyPilot said...

Congrats on the purchase. I'm a full time Windows developer, but I'm going to get a MacBook for the kids computer when I can find a channel to get a discount.

Tom said...

good job making the switch, I made it myself a few months ago. FYI, you can shrink the main menubar at the bottom so that the icons are smaller and it not only looks better but also allows you to fit more programs into the menubar. Also, safari is ok but you can also use IE and Firefox and the newest version of Firefox for the mac is pretty darn good, it's as good or better than the PC version. Additionally, what someone else said about the dashboard is true - you can custom configure it to have only the specific widgets you want, including satellite weather reports, news/stocks, video games you can play within the dashboard, etc.

Tracy said...

And if you click and hold on hightlighted text, you can drag and drop it into another application :-P

Garrett said...

tip: plug in a mouse with an appropriate number of buttons. three...but even two are much better than one.

i like the macbooks very much, just wish I didn't need to use both hands to open a context menu.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the multiple button mice, at least on modern laptops (my Powerbook G4 is new enough), the trackpad can be configured so that a two finger tap is treated like the secondary mouse button.

Very handy when you are on the road.