Wednesday, August 15, 2007

14 August

Somebody's already commented on my "Options" post wanting to know what happened today. Well, the answer isn't very satisfying: I don't know. I won't know until next week or so. I think I did all right, especially in the sim (I pwned that 727!) - but until I get the FedEx envelope, I just don't know. I thought I did ok when I interviewed at Trans States almost four years ago and I didn't get that job - and this was when Trans States was taking anybody with a pulse! I hear the pulse is now preferred.

Obviously I'm not going to discuss particulars while they're deciding whether to hire me or not - and if I get hired, I may be tightlipped on details because, well, this company has a much larger and more active legal department than my current airline. Now, don't get any ideas - I didn't interview with a major, 727 sim notwithstanding. But it could be a very good career move.

And so the waiting game begins. Meanwhile: getting in some BBQ'ing, selling the house, and enjoying what's very possibly my last bid at my current airline.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I hope you get it - if it is what you really want.

Anonymous said...

Regional captain is a good job though - you sure you want to abandon all that? I am RHS on EMB 145 for a regional in Europe with upgrade before the end of the year....I too am seduced by the majors here but I LOVE my lifestyle...600 hours/year you can't beat it!

Ryan said...


Email me please. I have a question. Seriously.

Chad said...

Good luck, but can you give any more particulars?

Not a major? Cargo company?