Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hilarious but kinda sad.

"Chirac flees summit in a fury over use of English."


Anonymous said...

Hmm, his feathers ruffle easily don't they?


clint said...

chirac has a lot more to worry about in his own country today than whether or not the rest of the world is speaking english or french.

Sam said...

That was kind've my reaction, Clint. When your country has a stagnant economy, high unemployment, a large number of unassimilated immigrants increasingly disgruntled over the lack of opportunity afforded them and increasingly attracted to radical islam, an already appalingly low birthrate continuing to decrease, with the average age of a french woman now above childbearing age, and millions in the streets protesting over the tiniest steps to reform the system... why waste energy on one of your countrymen using a foreign language in an international forum?

For the future of France, this is not a time for Chirac to come unhinged.

stepha380 said...

Let french people speak about France problems, if your only information come from CNN or Fox, I really think your vision is biased.

Chirac just wanted to keep some job to the translators. The Baron Sellières has a middle-age view of the workers. Don't let your brain be poisoned by partial information.

Do you remember what was Georges W.Bush's reaction when he was told a plane hit the twins.

Just think about your own president, I really think you have enough problems to care about.

Sam said...

Most of the world freely gives its opinions about America's problems, don't get offended if we talk about yours on occasion.

Look, at the same time that much of Europe is spewing indignation at the US, I see some really worrying trends on the continent itself that are being quite ignored. I just hope you don't take all American criticisms as "Euro-bashing" or "French-bashing;" there are many people here who know from history that a stable and prosperous Europe is critical to our own national well-being.

And no, I don't get my information from CNN or Fox. Do you get your information from Le Monde or der Spiegel? Talk about "biased vision" and "partial information!"